We are giving you the opportunity of becoming an international dealer of our new and exciting product – the first environmentally friendly, educational personalized book. As one of our dealers, you will be able to:

  • own your own business
  • set the number of days and hours you want to work
  • enjoy working while making your contribution to the world
  • be proud of the quality and credibility of the product you sell
  • build an image of financial success

The true concept of this business package is simple. If you are an entrepreneur with a vision, a passion for making a difference, a commitment to excellence and a determination to succeed, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. Your success is our success. VIP kids will be behind you all the way while allowing you to work at your own pace, with a product that practically sells itself.


Children’s books are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. Sales of the books have grown by over 30% in the last three years. Population trends indicate that market for children’s books is expected to continue to grow in the future.

With the added benefit of personalization, a child becomes the focus of the story. In this way, a child’s self-image and feelings of self-worth are improved, as is his/her ability to learn. For this reason, a personalized book often becomes a child’s favorite, and is read on average 9 times more than traditional children’s book.

Personalized books are a relatively new product in the world market. At this time, they occupy only about 3,2% of the children’s book market, but this figure is growing rapidly. When you reflect on the above factors, you can quickly conceive the potential for a personalized book market ten times the current size, which would still only take the percentage up to 5%.

By introducing an original, superior quality product – the first educational personalized book dealing with real life sensitive issues, VIP KIDS ensures that their dealers will get a great market share of this young and dynamic industry.


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