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AlbaGreka personalized books for children

“Albagreka books are powerful tool for installing strong and positive attitude in children, from pacifistic feelings to feelings of self-worth. In addition, the topics they deal with involve various issues which are of essential value in every child’s upbringing.”

Imagine the surprise and joy when a child opens a book and finds himself/herself in the middle of educational adventure, where he/she is the main character! Instead of reading about someone else, he/she will be reading about himself/herself.

Recognizing the magical impact, our team of writers, illustrators, psychologists and reading specialists have been creating extraordinary books to help your child use this basic tool of education: reading!

Being on the border of fantasy and reality, inspiring your child to feel and react to different life situations, our stories make a strong, positive impact on your child’s personality.

There are several editions, divided into the following categories:

Ecological and Educational

The Pandas, The PenguinsThe DolphinsThe ElephantsThe Rain Forest – introducing certain species, their habitats and habits, etc.

Social and Psychological

Facing ResponsabilityA Friend Called Night – for kids who have problems or fears, Animal School (teaches kids to use their talents).

Special Occasion

Birthday Wish (Birthday with dinosaurs), Christmas Story (story about unselfishness), Baby Book (fill-in edition)

By clicking title links you can read our story in english. Green words are personalized – so they are different in any book.

All our titles are translated into 15 languages, so they are suitable for language learning as well.

We are always trying to be fresh and innovative

Preprint – We have already prepared many other interesting themes that are waiting to be printed:

  • Understanding Divorce (helps kids to overcome difficult period of parents divorce),
  • Tin Soldiers (helps in overcoming aggressive and destructive feelings some kids have),
  • Zozon (ecological story about ozon layer),
  • The Birds (ecological story about birds that teaches kids how to help birds in the wild),
  • Zooming Trough The Universe (educational adventure about Universe).

By clicking title links you can read our stories in English. Those stories are also already illustrated and translated into 10 different languages.

Beside those prepared books, we are opened for your suggestions, and ready to make books about any theme that might be interesting for our kids.